About me

Olivia Huang / Weiying Huang         

Currently studying Digital Media graduate program in Northeastern University.

I developed a passion for art when I was a child in China and saw someone drawing and painting on a piece of paper for the first time. I knew then at that exact moment that I wanted to draw. In middle school, I eventually began learning and practicing art techniques. At this time, one of my art teachers discovered my talent and led me into the mystery of the art world, greatly influencing my life. As a talented artist, he taught me art techniques and theory and also opened my mind to see the world and to think and see as an artist.

At the South China Normal University, my major was oil painting, but I received the opportunity to study various kinds of art. I had the opportunity to study silk prints, sculpture, and photography, and I worked with the film team. During that time, the film team created the movie "shan qin xiao shu." Through this experience, I learned about film imagery and music, working behind the camera, and presenting a film to an audience.

I also developed an interest in exploring the world and other cultures, so I obtained a job working for a travel magazine as a art editor for one year. I traveled around many Asian countries, including Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, where I observed human culture and behavior in different countries and the amazing natural geography. It is a mysterious world.

Eventually, I wanted to see the other side of world, so I planned a trip to the Grand Canyon, and then I visited a friend in Key West, Florida. While in Key West, I fell in love with the small island, the beautiful weather, and the art scene. After returning to my corporate job in China, I decided I wanted the freedom to create my own art and to live on an island, so I quit my job, and moved to Key West. This was a life-changing experience to live on an island in America, and I got to know lot of artists, writers, musicians and painters in Key West.

about me